Podcast – 4 Airway Expertise and Anesthesia Clinical With Anesthetist Jesson Bateman – Part 1

Podcast – 4 Airway Expertise and Anesthesia Clinical With Anesthetist Jesson Bateman – Part 1


Medic 101 sat down with Anesthetist, Jesson Bateman, to share some of his experiences with paramedic students in the OR and what it takes to become an airway expert. Jesson explains what it takes to excell in your OR clinical rotation and gives some tips on how to continue to grow your airway skills after initial training.

Jesson is a PA-Anesthetist in North Georgia as well as an instructor in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) through Emergency Industries, LLC. Jesson can be found on Instagram @angry.canadian.

This podcast makes a few mentions of competency, proficiency, and expertise. These words are being used in the context of the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition. If you are not familiar with this idea then here’s a very brief summary from devmts.org.uk


Has an incomplete understanding, approaches tasks mechanistically and needs supervision to complete them.

Advanced Beginner

Has a working understanding, tends to see actions as a series of steps, can complete simpler tasks without supervision.


Has a good working and background understanding, sees actions at least partly in context, able to complete work independently to a standard that is acceptable though it may lack refinement.


Has a deep understanding, sees actions holistically, can achieve a high standard routinely.


Has an authoritative or deep holistic understanding, deals with routine matters intuitively, able to go beyond existing interpretations, achieves excellence with ease.

For further reading check out:

Dreyfus, H L and Dreyfus, S E (1986) Mind over Machine: the power of human intuition and expertise in the age of the computer, Oxford, Basil Blackwell
Benner, P (1984) From novice to expert: excellence and power in clinical nursing practice, Menlo Park CA, Addison-Wesley

Part 2 with Jesson Bateman will cover techniques and tips to manage airways for those of us that don’t get to intubate on a daily basis.


North Georgia Technical College EMT students racing against time to improvise a tourniquet from miscellaneous items. Your primary tq should be a commercial made device, but what happens when you run out or don’t have one available? Do you have a good understanding of the principles about what makes a tourniquet effective? Big thanks to @tacmed_solutions for going out of their way to make this TECC class happen for those #ngtcems students. #tecc #tccc #stopthebleed #tacticalemergencycasualtycare #emergencymedicine #emt #ems #medic #medic101 #paramedic #paramedicstudent #paramedicine #tacmed #emtstudent #ngtc #ngtcems

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North Georgia Technical College EMT student @romaalmazan going over breaching techniques during a TECC class with @tacmed_solutions @rescue_craft @element_rescue . What good will your trauma skills do if you can’t access or evac your patient? #emt #medic #paramedic #emtstudent #paramedicstudent #tecc #tccc #breaching #forcibleentry #firstresponder #tacticalemergencycasualtycare #stopthebleed #ctecc #emergencymedicine #emsuniverse @ems_universe #halligan #tourniquet #bleedingcontrol #trauma

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North Georgia Technical College Paramedic students working on their FAST exam skills during lab. Any prehospital providers here using ultrasound? #fastexam #ultrasound #prehospitalultrasound #emsultrasound #emergencymedicine #paramedic #paramedicine #stopthebleed #traumaawareness #tacticalemergencycasualtycare #tecc #tccc #tacmed #emt #ems #firstresponderambulance #emsuniverse @ems_universe

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Podcast 3 – TECC Part 3

This podcast is part 3 in a series of podcasts recorded with Sean McKay of the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care. Sean discusses some of the many working groups within C-TECC, tourniquet selection, and the ongoing issue of counterfeit tourniquets.

Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

Podcast 2 – TECC Part 2

Part 2 of a series of podcasts with Sean McKay of the Committee on Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC).

If you havent listened to TECC Part 1, do so now. TECC Part 1 details what TECC is and Part 2 goes over some of the updates from the Winter C-TECC meeting.

Podcast 1 – TECC Part 1

Comittee on TECC website

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